Product and Services

Netrouting offers a diverse range of services in The Netherlands, Sweden and United States. Our core products include IP-Transit, Remote IX, Metro Ethernet (Carrier Services) but also managed services such as dedicated servers, cloud hosting and colocation. Our diverse range of data center solutions help businesses maximize the efficiency of their IT resources. Backed by our years of experience, Netrouting has the services and expertise to meet all of your business requirements.


IP Transit is essentially a connectivity service that delivers IP Traffic between your servers and the rest of the Internet. We can offer three different types of IP transit depending on your requirement; Blended (multihomed), Tier 1 only or Partial (peered prefixes).

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Managed Services

Netrouting owns two private data centers in The Netherlands and rents cage space at multiple data centers worldwide. We offer various managed services ranging high quality web, cloud and virtual hosting, dedicated servers and colocation.

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Remote IX

Get directly connected to a remote peering lan. Netrouting offers access to Internet Exchanges such as the DF-IX, MIA-IX, AMS-IX and NL-ix. Ports available starting at 100Mbps.

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Carrier Services

Netrouting operates a global MPLS/VPLS ready backbone and offers various carrier services such as Metro Ethernet to facilitate interconnection between data centers in different cities and countries worldwide.

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