Netrouting IP Transit service provides high performance and cost-effective connectivity

IP Transit is essentially a connectivity service that delivers IP Traffic between your servers and the rest of the Internet. We can offer three different types of IP transit depending on your business connectivity requirement; Blended (multihomed), Tier 1 only or Partial (peered prefixes).

Network Features

Netrouting utilizes Juniper MX and Brocade MLX series for its core infrastructure. The network infrastructure is scalable, diverse and most of all reliable. Our core routers are geographically spread over multiple data centers in Europe and United States, connecting all Netrouting data centers to the Internet.

Secured & Proactively Monitored


Our network is optimized and secured for network distribution to resellers, end-users and businesses. We proactively monitor all aspects of our network to ensure optimal availability of service at all times.

Extensive Peering


Netrouting peers at some of the biggest Internet Exchanges in the world. We pride ourselves in having some of the most prestigious routes directly connected to our network through Exhcanges such as the AMS-IX and NL-ix.

99.99% Network SLA


Our Standard SLA offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee on our network. This SLA is valid in all of our locations and on any commitment.

24x7x365 Support


We offer 24x7x365 ticket support on all connectivity services with a 1 hour response guarantee and a 4 hour resolution guarantee.

Service Features

Some other service features that define the strength of our IP-Transit product are:

Package Options

We offer packages with a commitment starting as low as 5Mbps, up to several GigE & 10 GigE flat fee connections.

Bandwidth On Demand

Scale your commitment on the fly. Same business day bandwidth increase and port provisioning is available.

Experienced Support

Do not go through several layers and hours of frustrating support procedures. Get in touch with skilled technicians.

Network Resiliency

Our meshed network topology is fault-tolerant and easy to scale. Our network is resilient.