Netrouting is a healthy, independent & privately funded company with financial and operational freedom

We offers various managed services ranging high quality web, cloud, virtual hosting, dedicated servers, colocation and connectivity.


Netrouting offers you a reliable and highly secure accommodation for your equipment with first class connectivity included. Netrouting guarantees optimal performance and availability of the data on your servers 24/7/365.
Provisioning of a colocation order is usually processed within 24 hours, after that you are free to visit the datacenter and mount your equipment with one of our engineers present to assist you.
Netrouting can also assist in migration needs during night- and weekendhours. Trained technicians are available to help move, mount and reconfigure your equipment.

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  • TIER1 Powered Network
  • High Density Colocation
  • Free Migration Assistance
  • Twin Datacenter Solutions

Managed Dedicated Servers

Netrouting offers you the finest hardware and connectivity at affordable pricing. Our extensive portfolio of dedicated servers offers you a wide range of hardware configuration options and connectivity features.

Dedicated Servers in Europe and United States

Netrouting offers dedicated servers from the most prestige countries in the world, with main data centers located in Amsterdam and Spijkenisse The Netherlands, Stockholm Sweden and Miami Florida.

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Cloud Servers

KVM is a fast growing open source implementation for cloud services using the operating system’s kernel. Unlike other hypervisors, KVM has native virtualization capabilities in the Linux kernel and does not rely on any user driven drivers or third party software. KVM Cloud Servers are ideal solutions for application hosting, web hosting, Software as a Service Providers (Saas), streaming and various other heavy duty purposes.

  • High Availability
  • Secured Data Storage
  • Off-site Backup
  • Easy to scale

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Virtual Private Servers

The ideal development environment! Instantly provisioned VPS that offer great flexibility and an extensive selection of turnkey application templates.

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Enterprise Hardware
  • Instant Provisioning
  • Easy to use

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