Closely working together with the major Internet Exchanges worldwide

Connect to the largest Internet Exchanges in the region, directly from your Netrouting rack or at any of our Network connectivity hubs.

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Transparent access with our Remote-IX service

Netrouting has partnered up with various major Internet Exchanges. The Amsterdam Internet Exchange is currently the biggest Internet Exchange in the world. As a Netrouting customer you will have direct access to the peering lan, offering peer to peer connections to hundreds of members on a platform that exchanges terabits of traffic per second.

How does it work?

Netrouting has a partner port connected directly to the peering LAN. Customers are assigned a unique VLAN id, deployed on a separate circuit to your rack at a Netrouting datacenter or connectivity hub.


Peering exchange port capacities
100 Mbps
250 Mbps
500 Mbps
1 Gbps
2 Gbps
2.5 Gbps
10 Gbps
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